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Creative weekend

Our 'No More Boredom Weekend' program features the release of several new pieces every weekend so that you can put your printer into overdrive and witness the magic of new files happening right in your home! You'll always have something new to look forward to now!

Community Spotlight

Our most popular creations in the market

Our creations are the result of extensive market research, and each one of them enters the market with high commercial demand. Our community of Makers works with data analysis, statistics, and thorough market studies before creating a 3D model. Our aim is to make you succeed!

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Get new STLs every Friday for your 3D printing satisfaction. Our team creates unique and high-quality designs. Subscribers can access our latest designs first.

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Each module will bring a burst of new ideas and the necessary clarification to turn your pieces into true works of art!

Machine adjustment: Say goodbye to technical issues! We'll teach you how to assemble and maintain your machine properly, ensuring its reliability and avoiding headaches.

Calibration: Discover the secrets to achieve perfect prints. We'll adjust filament parameters to ensure your models are aesthetically impeccable and mechanically robust.

Software: Master the slicer and unlock its full potential. We'll unravel all the features of the tool so you have complete control over your creations.

Application: Go beyond theory and put knowledge into practice. Learn, with real examples, how to use parameters on different types of models, from simple to the most complex.

Exclusive content

Classes taught by experienced professionals, with valuable tips and techniques to help you excel in the art of 3D printing.

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Our team is available to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.

Proven methodology

Learn from the best experts in the world of 3D printing and maximize your results, learning from those who understand and live with 3D.

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What topics are covered in the course curriculum?

Set of classes where we present the components of your printer, the correct way to assemble it and how to keep maintenance up to date.


First steps in the slicer software, learning how to create a printer profile and how to configure your first prints.


Practice of objective filament calibration.


Learn all the advanced slicer tools, finishing techniques, colored printing, different filament profiles, and more.


Using real cases as object of study in classes, for watching specific slices aimed at aesthetics, resistance or productivity.

Get new STLs every Friday for your 3D printing satisfaction. Our team creates unique and high-quality designs. Subscribers can access our latest designs first.

Faça dinheiro com a sua própria loja!

Com o surgimento da tecnologia de impressão 3D, nunca houve um momento melhor para iniciar seu próprio negócio vendendo itens impressos em 3D. Seja você um artista, designer ou apenas alguém apaixonado por criar, você pode transformar seu hobby em um empreendimento lucrativo criando sua própria loja online vendendo seus modelos impressos em 3D.

Frequently asked questions

What is STLFLIX?

STLFLIX is a multi-themed library of 3D Printable Files. The categories of model will vary, and you will find: Articulated Models, Home Decor, Collectibles, Customizable Models and Characters, RPG Miniatures & Sceneries, Animals, Cosplay & Props, Fashion and Accessories, Gadgets, Puzzle & Games, Statues, Holiday Themed Models and other categories and may be included further. We are committed to providing our subscribers a diverse and ever-growing collection of 3D models.

How does STLFLIX come up with all these models?

STLFLIX Design Team is constantly working to expand STLFLIX Collection by creating new models and updating the existing ones. Every week, we release a new pack of 3D models called #Drop. Each Drop features a different theme, ranging from sci-fi to nature-inspired designs. STLFLIX Users can look forward to fresh and exciting models every Friday, ready to be added to their 3D printing queue. In addition to the weekly Drops, STLFLIX also has random releases throughout the month. These special releases are not tied to any specific schedule or theme.

Are STLFLIX models made for Filament or Resin printers?

Our service allows you to explore and discover a vast library of 3D printable designs, to be used in your FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling / Filament Material) or SLA (Stereolithography / Resin Material) 3D Printer.

What are the benefits of subscribing to STLFLIX?

STLFLIX membership gives you full access to a vast library of 3D Printable models. The supportive community of users provides a platform for collaboration and problem-solving. Expert customer support is also available to help users with any issues or questions that may arise. Special discounts from partner brands and weekly releases keep users up-to-date with the latest trends and materials. Finally, the commercial license to sell 3D printed models offers a unique opportunity to turn 3D printing into a profitable venture. In summary, this platform offers a comprehensive and dynamic solution for all 3D printing needs, making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in exploring the world of 3D printing.

Where is STLFLIX based?

Our staff are worldwide with our headquarters based in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Can I sell the models I print?

Once you subscribe as a Commercial License you are allowed to sell the printed models from our library (and the future ones) if you keep the subscription.

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We are a multi-themed library of 3D printable files. The model categories vary and you will find: Articulated Models, Decoration, Collectibles, Miniatures and RPG Scenery, Animals, Puzzles Statues and other categories can be included. We are committed to providing our subscribers with a diverse and growing collection of 3D models.


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